Friday, February 5, 2016

664. Special Censuses At GSMC Feb. 13

[I'm looking forward to presenting this program for the Genealogical Society of Marion County. C'mon down--the more the merrier!]

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

663. Finding Your Roots OK, but Static

   I don't like to quibble about genealogy programs on television, since there are few of them, but I did realize something last night.
   I was watching "Finding Your Roots" with Henry Louis Gates on PBS, and I finally figured out what was wrong with the show--the subjects do not do anything. They just sit there and exclaim "Amazing," now and then, while Gates dazzles them with his staff's research. Interactive it's not.
  "Who Do You Think You Are" was (is?) more satisfying, as the subjects travel around and talk to researchers and sometimes relatives, and participate more fully in the process. Some are seen looking at microfilm or searching online.
   Probably the PBS show's budget is much smaller and I get that, but I would like it way more if it was a two-way street. The people the program is about should do a little of the down-and-dirty part of genealogy. Much more satisfying for them and for us.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

662. What Happened to Ancestry Day?

   I heard a long--very long--time ago, that Ancestry was going to host an all-day genealogy event here in Indy called Ancestry Day. This event has been held a number of times across the country. It seems to be a very slippery thing, though. A date is proposed, plans are set, and then it goes away. Funny how that happens.
   The latest rumor that I heard through the grapevine (hey, that would make a good song!) is that it will be on April 30th at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. Do you think this one is real or just another mirage? Hold your breath and we shall see. I have a bit more faith in Midwestern Roots--maybe I'll just put my money on that!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Sunday, January 24, 2016

659. Need Photos of 1940's Rural Street

[Can anyone help Jerry find a scene from his childhood? Did Rural Street actually run through a rural area at one time?]

Jerry Dreesen has left a new comment on your post "92. IPS History Now At Forest Manor":

Looking for photos of 3400 block of Rural St. in Forest Manor, Indianapolis in the 1940's. Street lined with Dutch Elm, now gone. I grew up there and went to School #69, Joyce Kilmer. Used to walk there. Thanks for any help. Jerry Dreesen

Thursday, January 21, 2016

658. Northwest Hancock County Anyone?

   If any of your family lines came from the northwest corner of Hancock County, Indiana, and especially from Vernon Township, you just might be a very lucky researcher. Lucky because you can visit the Fortville-Vernon Township Public Library or can access their website.
   The library has tons of local information online (as you can see below) and they have even more at the library itself. I visited Fortville not long ago and dropped in, and I was amazed at all they have for genealogy researchers.
   What interested me as a Marion County resident was the location of Fortville and Vernon Township--right along the county lines of Marion and Hamilton counties. Did our ancestors care about county lines? Not hardly! So maybe lots of folks wandered around these three counties and created records in multiple places. Might be worth checking out...