Thursday, June 16, 2016

710. German Research At Fort Wayne Next Week

If you do a lot of German research and forgot about the Palatine Conference, you can still do a walk-in registration next week. You also can do a bit of browsing at the Allen County Public Library, always a plus. Don't have any Germans in my background, as far as I know. How about you?

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sunday, June 5, 2016

707. Goings On At The State Archives

This is what he had to say about that...

From Minutes of the Oversight Committee on Public Records Dec. 16, 2015:
DIRECTOR'S REPORT Mr. Corridan reported the inventory at the State Archives is being prepared for future importing into the AXAEM software in the first quarter of 2016.   
Jim Corridan reported he traveled last week to Arkansas to visit with the design architects on the Archives building and they saw their work and talked about revisions and how everything is going to fit together.  At this point, Indiana University is still in the process of working with their neighbors to build support and the State Archives will likely be on Indiana Avenue from the IUPUI campus.   Mr. Corridan stated at this point it is likely the building will be completed in 2018.          

From Minutes of March 16, 2016 Meeting:
DIRECTOR’S REPORT Jim Corridan stated they are now at a point where all the data for the software from State Archives has been sent to the vendor for loading into the AXAEM software program so the catalog will be online soon.  They are also in the process of sending all the Records Center data so hopefully they will be in a position where State Agencies will look at the Records Center data and see what belongs to them and the citizens of Indiana will be able to look at the Archives data and see what they can access.  Mr. Corridan stated his guess is sometime at the beginning of the second quarter this will all be loaded.

Jim Corridan stated they have a huge project going with where they have been working to digitize the birth, death and marriage records in Indiana.  Mr. Corridan stated some of them were held by the Health Department and the Archives have copies.  Mr. Corridan stated that project is near completion and in June, 2016 Ancestry will make this all available.  Mr.  Corridan stated it has gone slower than they anticipated because they had calculated there were about 13.5 million records and it turns out there are about 16 million records they are putting online which is one of the largest projects they have done for any State.  Mr. Corridan stated once they go up in June the next three (3) years you can access that information onsite at the State Archives or you can have an Ancestry.  Mr. Corridan stated after that three (3) year period the State Archives can make it available for free.  Mr. Corridan stated they are also looking at something potentially doing something that the State Library does where people have access to a database called Inspire through the Internet protocol, so if you have an Indiana IT address you can access things for free.  Ancestry is willing to let us negotiate the ability for citizens of Indiana with an IT authenticated address to be able to access all this for free and not have to wait for three (3) years but the rest of the nation could not do that.  

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

706. GSMC Seeking Lots More IPS Materials

The Genealogical Society of Marion  County is adding many Indianapolis Public Schools resources, but they are only scratching the surface so far. Do you have an old class list or photograph? Contact the Society and let them scan the item and make it available for genealogists. Yes, you!
[Below is a post card image of IPS School No. 50.]

Friday, May 27, 2016

705. Indiana Constitution Connection at Crown Hill, June 8

Marion County has the burial site of a signer of the original Indiana Constitution. There will be a ceremony at Crown Hill to recognize Robert Hanna, Jr. I plan to be there; how about you?

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

704. Be A Plank Owner For The USS Indiana

In this Bicentennial Year what better gesture could we make than to help launch a brand new ship named Indiana? The first USS Indiana (BB1) was a class-leader boat that served in both the Spanish-American War and World War One.
The second USS Indiana (BB58) was one of the storied battleships of World War Two, who fought throughout the Pacific Theater. She was commissioned a couple of weeks before Pearl Harbor and was a major component in America's carrier war against Japan.
Soon we will have a third USS Indiana in the U.S. Navy, prowling the seas and guarding the nation, as SSN789, an attack submarine, will be joining the fleet.
Go to and see how you can help this process along. On this upcoming Memorial Day weekend, what better way could you honor our state and all the guys who served on the first two ships named Indiana.