Monday, March 26, 2012

14. Downtown Indy Parking

    If you haven't visited downtown Indy recently, you better get acquainted with R2D2 here. The city farmed out the downtown parking meters to a private corporation not long ago, and the rates went up and the meters changed.

    The money machine, or R2D2 as I think of him, controls four spaces, is really fun to play with in the rain or snow, takes coins or credit cards, and will give you ten minutes for a quarter in front of the State Library. 
    At those prices, you might as well park in a garage. [Income is way down from what the city and the company expected--does the Law of Unintended Consequences apply here?] Of course, the garage in view across from the Library is for state employees, and not for us ordinary tax-paying Indiana citizens. ISL used to have a $2 parking pass there, but that somehow went away.
   When the State Legislature is in session, which is depressingly often, you might as well park in Greenwood and take the bus. Oops--my bad--does the bus run from Greenwood?

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