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17. 1812 Conference in Portland April 21

     Rats! Why does everything I want to do happen on the same weekend?
I'd really like to attend the attached conference, but I have another workshop I am required to attend [I be the speaker!]. My Significant Other had an 1812 ancestor (David Murphy of Ohio) who fought and was captured at the River Raisin.
    Anyway, looks like a great event, so get your reservation in by April 14.

National Center for Great Lakes Native American Culture
2012 Academic Conference
Eastern Woodlands Tribes in the War of 1812

April 21, 2012
John Jay Center for Learning
101 South Meridian Street, Portland, Indiana

Following the treat of Greenville in 1795, the major battles between the Native
American peoples in the Northwest Territory and the United States appeared to
be over, but the taking of land by the Americans continued unabated. The twenty
years of major warfare with the Americans ending in 1794 had convinced some
of the tribal peoples to maintain the peace established by the treaty, but others
felt it was necessary to stop the land encroachment at all costs, even if it took
more war. The many lengthy efforts to peacefully resolve issues in the years
following the treaty came crashing down with the Battle of Tippecanoe in the fall
of 1811. The outbreak of the War of 1812 shortly thereafter between Great
Britain and the United States gave many of the native peoples one last hope of
stopping land encroachments by joining with Great Britain in the war and
attempting to drive the American army out of the Native American lands in the
Northwest Territory. Political, spiritual, and military themes all played a role in
the Native American versus United States conflicts of the War of 1812.
Registration before April 14 is $30, $20 for students with photo identification.
Late registrations are $35. Lunch is included. Contact Co-Chairs: Boni Bent
Nelson at 574-225-9340 or or Pat Broom at 513-874-8037 or for more information. Please park in the gravel lot behind
the Post Office, next to the John Jay Center. Street parking on Meridian and
Main Streets has 2 hour limits, even on Saturdays.

Conference Schedule
9 a.m. – Sara Wagar – Indiana, Elder, Piqua Shawnee Tribe
The Shawnees in the War of 1812
10 a.m. – James C. Fulmer – Pennsylvania, Past President, National Muzzle
Loading Rifle Association, Outdoor Writer
The Battle of the River Raisin
11 a.m. – George Ironstrack – Ohio, Miami Tribe of Oklahoma, Assistant
Director and Education Coordinator, Myaamia Project, Miami University, Oxford
“Our Hearts are Heavy as the Earth”: the Myaamia (Miami) and the
War of 1812
11:50 a.m. to 1 p.m. LUNCH ON SITE
1 p.m. – Dr. Timothy D. Willig – Indiana, Assistant Professor of History,
Indiana University South Bend
A Path of Honor: John Norton and the Six Nations in the War of 1812
2 p.m. – Susan Gray, Ohio, President, Treaty of Greenville Bicentennial
Committee, Ohio War of 1812 Commission
War of 1812 – Second Treaty at Greenville, July 2, 1814

Registration Form
Return form with registration fees to:
Kay Neumayr, Conference Secretary
4950 North 750 East, Attica, IN 47918
Phone: 765-426-3022 • •
Name (s) ___________________________________________________
Address ___________________________________________________
City _______________________ State ______ Zip _________________
Phone _____________________Email ___________________________
Registration Fees:
_______________ $30 – Pre-registration before 4/14/12
_______________ $20 – Student with photo ID before 4/14/12
_______________ $35 – Registration after 4/14/12
_______________ Total Registration Fees included.
Lunch is included with the registration fee.
Please list any special lunch dietary needs: _______________________

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