Friday, March 30, 2012

20. Indiana Cemetery and Burial Registry

     Let us discuss two opposing terms: Common Sense and State Government. Let me ask you a question: Who would you guess is the major citizen user in the United States of historical cemetery data?  Boys and girls, did you guess genealogists?
     Other questions: If you were to develop a statewide Cemetery Locator and Burial Registry and put it online, where would you put it? With all the other genealogy databases, so genealogy researchers could find it easily? I would think that would be a logical and common sense location. Where did the State of Indiana put it? Let's take a look.
     The State Department of Natural Resources does have the Cemetery Registry online, but it's a bear to find. (Did you get that? "Bear" "DNR" OK; forget it) You have to fight your way down through mucho layers of web pages to get any useful data.
     Be sure to bookmark the Registry when you do find it, because finding it again might ruin your day. By the way,  DNR staffer Jeannie Regan-Dinius has done a great job accumulating a massive amount of data for us, so pat her on the back next time you see her.

Note this process:
1. Go to the DNR home page (Just Google "Indiana DNR" if you want)
2. Select "Divisions" at the left side
3.Select " Historic Preservation and Archaeology" again on the left side
4. Way down at the bottom of the page, select "State Historic Architecture and Archaeology Research Database (SHAARD)
5. Select "SHAARD Access"
6. Select "Enter SHAARD as a Guest"
7. You must next "Accept Terms and Conditions"
8. Next, under "Structural Surveys", select "Cemetery Registry"
9. Select either "County" or "Cemetery Name"
10. Select "Cemetery"
11. Finally, get 5-6 pages of cemetery data

A. The Adobe maps all seem to be sideways
B. Some entries do contain Adobe burial readings
C. Many cemeteries have .jpg photos of the site
D. It's a work in progress (Please donate additional info if you have it!)

Now, isn't that the way you would do it? Of course, you might have a little common sense!

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