Sunday, March 18, 2012

2. Indiana State Library (ISL) Newspaper Microfilm

     The Indiana State Library at Senate and Ohio Streets in downtown Indy has an excellent collection of Indianapolis newspapers on microfilm. The film collection is on the 2nd floor, and they do have a notebook with the available holdings list.
     The Library has several problems that probably stem from chronic underfunding: (1) Every time I go there it seems like there are fewer film readers to use and fewer printers repaired and ready to go; (2) Microfilm is a dying resource, so what plan does the State Archivist have to digitize the collection?
     A few historic Indy papers have been digitized, but I don't know if the Library has access to them, but, if not, why not? Someone else might ask Archivist Jim Corriden these questions, as he and I have agreed to disagree.

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