Monday, April 2, 2012

26. Indianapolis Star Now Digitized at IMCPL

    The below flyer is now displayed at the Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library, aimed at family historians. If you have an IMCPL library card, you can use the database from home; if not, you must visit a library branch to do so. This is from a library that does not even have a formal genealogy collection!
    This is potentially a great resource for Indianapolis and Indiana genealogists, which up to now has only been laboriously searchable on microfilm. The database is not available at the Indiana State Library. Did the Indiana Commission on Public Records once again drop the ball?  You would think that ISL would be taking the point position on Indiana newspaper digitizing. Is the underfunding issue once again rearing its ugly head?


  1. Ron,

    Thanks for sharing this post! What wonderful news. Hopefully they will continue to add more years.


  2. Do you know when digital access to later years for the Star might become available? Also, is there a source in Indiana that has access to obituaries from the Star in more recent years, such as 1960?

    Thanks, I appreciate the pointers on Indiana research since I don't live there now and can't get back to Indy but more than 1-2 times a year.