Tuesday, April 3, 2012

29. Warren Township Trustee Neglectful?

Test your skill set: What is this?

What? I'm ashamed of you! Can't you tell that this is the Whisler Cemetery in Warren Township, Marion County?
Don't believe me? Well, I fought my way in and provided you with proof--

Would you believe that volunteers from the Genealogical Society of Marion County cleaned this site in 2004? Yes, indeed we did, and we understood that the Township Trustee would take it from there.That was a mistake on our part and the Trustee is not neglectful.

According to state law, this cemetery is on private property with taxes being paid, so Trustee Jeff Bennett can't touch it, in spite of his efforts to correct this dereliction. The owner, a Mr. Patel, I believe, will not allow the township or DNR to clean this up. Anyone else who tries is trespassing.

This cemetery is about 100 feet from Route 40 and German Church Road, just east of the Dairy Queen, on the south part of Mr. Patel's old bankrupt and abandoned motel property. So, what do we do now?


  1. Ask Mr.Patel kindly how this situation can be remedied, liberal response.

  2. If taxes are being paid it is not technically abandoned.

  3. Yes, technically not abandoned, but, if you visit the site, it's hard
    to see the difference.