Wednesday, April 4, 2012

30. Indianapolis Newspaper Research at IMCPL

    If you are interested in doing Indianapolis newspaper research, I suggest you visit the Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library instead of the Indiana State Library.
    The Public Library collection is good and the equipment and facilities are way better. Parking is much better, for a start: At the Main Library you can park in a weather and security protected garage with an elevator directly to the microfilm floor for $3.00 for 4 hours; at the State Library 4 hours of streetside parking exposed to the weather and other hazards will run you $6.00.
Six film projectors attached to computers

Save your images for FREE to your flash drive!

Extensive newspaper microfilm collection
    New microfilm projectors will send your images to a computer, where you can manipulate the image and save as many as you want to your own flash drive.
   Print 50 images at the State Library for $12.50, or save 50 here for free.

When is the Indiana State Library going to get some modern equipment like this?

The IMCPL microfilm cabinets contain much more than just the Indianapolis newspaper film.
Plus, you can access the Indianapolis STAR at the library digitally and search the entire run of issues at one time. [See Post #26]

    The Main Library even has a snack bar where you can get food and coffee--and you can take it right to your computer station and consume it while you work. Now, how's that for a civilized approach?
    I am distressed to say that ICPR and the Indiana State Library are just not keeping up with modern research standards--especially for Indy research. How can other public entities, such as IMCPL and IUPUI, properly fund their requirements and the Indiana Commission on Public Records cannot fund theirs? It's a mystery.


  1. I just found your blog through Geneabloggers. Welcome. I love browsing through the genealogy blogs here.

    Regards, Jim
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  2. Thanks, Jim. I like the old photos on your site. Couldn't identify
    any of them-sorry.

    Ron in Indy

  3. Hi Ron,

    ISL does have new computers that scan images and there is no charge. You can scan all day long if you want to. Just bring in your flash drive. I think there are 4 or 5 setups for this at ISL. Plus they have the most complete collection of Indiana newspapers in the world. Peace.