Tuesday, April 10, 2012

37. Friends of the Indiana State Archives

  I attended the annual meeting of the Friends today and heard some interesting tidbits:

1. State Archivist Jim Corridan is pressing the Bicentennial Committee to commit to advocating a new State Archives building in time for the state celebration in 2016. That's good; let's hope he succeeds. I believe a deadline is always a good pressure point.

2. Can you believe that it's been 11 years since the Archives moved into the "temporary" warehouse?

3. The Indiana State Digital Archives now is "approaching 1,000,000 records entered." These are primarily Indiana-created records done by unpaid Hoosier volunteers. So now we can separate them from the SSDI-inclusive totals shown on the site itself.

4. Dr. James Madison of IU is working on a new history of Indiana, also keyed for release by the Bicentennial. It's an update of his 1986 book. He had some interesting observations.

5. As a commercial, if you have some free time and live within commuting distance of the Archives, you might consider volunteering to help organize Indiana's history. Volunteers put in enough time to equal 5 full-time paid staffers. Think the State is ever going to hire  that many employees; I mean EVER?

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