Friday, April 13, 2012

41. Genealogists Should Branch Out!

     I suspect many genealogists spend w-a-y too much time in genealogy libraries, either actual ones like Allen County or virtual ones like These repositories brag about the multimillion pages of data that they have available.
    The fact of the matter is that all the primary documents we use in genealogy were created for some other reason, and what we should really be concentrating on is the teragazillion pages of documents either still in their original locations or collected in disguised locations and "mislabeled" in some other repository as history, anthropology, cultural studies, or just plain original terms.
    I will be featuring some of these sources in upcoming posts, so that, instead of being skimmers, we can become diggers. Genealogy will be richer for the effort.

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  1. Start with the collection in the basement of the City County building. The person who is staffed down there is terrific, but she is only one person and is very busy. Wish Marion County would hand over their court records to the State Library. It would free up that individual's time and give us genealogy hounds the pleasure of looking through all that microfilm.