Tuesday, April 17, 2012

45. I Hate Grants!

    I really do hate grants. It seems that, whenever I ask a government agency or a non-profit group why they have not done what they should have done, I always get the reply, "Well, we applied for a grant to do that, but it didn't come through." What a convenient alibi.
    My next question is why didn't they just budget for the stupid job in the first place? And why do the grant groups have all the money, and the groups with the problems don't? And why don't the people who give the grant groups the money just give it to the problem areas in the first place?
    I suspect it's all about ego. If you have a million you want to keep out of Uncle Sam's hands, you can set up the "My Ego Grant Agency," hire some friends and build a "My Big Ego" building, and dispense what ever is left--which you can bet is w-a-y less than a million.
   Come on, people, just give the cash directly to the groups that are getting the real jobs done! And that's my two-cents worth for this Tuesday in April.

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