Wednesday, April 18, 2012

46. Beech Grove Public Library

    If your genealogical research leads you to the south side of Indianapolis in the vicinity of  Beech Grove, you might pay a visit to the Beech Grove Public Library at 1102 Main Street, Beech Grove, 46107. (317) 788-4203

I know, it looks like a church, but it's the library.

Although it's completely surrounded by Indianapolis, Beech Grove is actually a separate town.
[If you want an interesting exercise, review the political maneuvering surrounding the Uni-Gov process in the 1960's!]

This is the Local History Room on the second floor. In the top right is a good collection of BGHS yearbooks. The red binders are an impressive collection of clippings accumulated over many years by many volunteers and are arranged by related topics. Lots of genealogy in these!
The Library has on all the computers (doesn't everyone?).
Soon to go live on the Library website is a Beech Grove schools data collection originally created by the Superintendent's secretary and digitized by the Library staff. 

[There is a special display recognizing BG's favorite son, actor Steve McQueen.]

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