Tuesday, April 24, 2012

52. New State Archives Building?

Is this our new Indiana State Archives building? Sadly, no; this is the State Archives of Mississippi.

At least our Indiana State Legislature, in its infinite wisdom (cue irony and satire here...), has now established we Hoosiers with a goal of someday rising to the exalted heights of Mississippi. They have given us a bright shining beacon on a distant hill.
Hopefully, within the lifetime of  Indianans born on this day in Methodist Hospital, we will be equal to Mississippi, and Ghana, and Bangladesh, and Haiti, and......


  1. I heard at one time they were going to move the Archives to the State Library and have both the Library and the Archives together. I would love that, one place to go. Anything would be better than where they are housed now.

  2. The Archives used to be in the State Library; they moved it out during the recent remodeling.