Sunday, May 6, 2012

63. Marion County War of 1812 Veterans

    I've been looking into War of 1812 veterans buried in Marion County, and the following list is what I have so far. Does anyone know of any others not on this list? If so, I would appreciate a heads up on them. Thanks.

Name B & D Cemetery Notes Source
Black,  Joshua 3 Oct 1783-4 Dec 1879 Crown Hill Carpenter; born in MD Find A Grave
Blake, James 3 Mar 1791 Crown Hill From York Co., PA Murphy 1; WPA
Bristow, Payton 29 Aug 1778- Bell From Loudon Co., VA; Service OH? Murphy 1; WPA
Brown, Robert 5 Feb 1787-20 Oct 1876
Born Augusta Co., VA; service Butler Co., OH Murphy 1
Cool, Daniel M. Ca 1800-1838
Service Somerset Co., NJ Murphy 1
Crist, William Ca1780's-

Murphy 1
Fansler, John
Floyd, Samuel
Givan, James 6 Aug 1775-13 Jul 1835 Crown Hill
Find A Grave
Gladden, William

Pensioners 1883
Harris, Obediah 5 Feb 1789-2 Apr 1875
From Guildford Co., NC Murphy 1
Hawkins, John
Crown Hill
Heizer, Edward 19 Feb 1791-19 Feb 1863 Harrin? From Augusta Co., VA Murphy 1
Herrin, William
Hubbartt, James
Crown Hill
Huntington, Chandler
Jones, John L.
Crown Hill
Maxwell, John 25 Dec 1775-12 Nov 1824
From VA; died Bloomington, IN Murphy 2
Myers, John
Round Hill
Phillips, Benjamin McCoy 12 Aug 1789-4 May 1863 Piner
Franklin Twp His Soc
Stout, Thomas
Mt. Jackson
Tyner, Harris 1794-1881
From SC Murphy 3; Pens 1883
Wilson, Isaac
Patterson Also Rev War WPA
Wilson, Lazarus B. 1795-1875 Crown Hill
Find A Grave; WPA
Yandes, Daniel Jan 1793-Jun 1878 Crown Hill From Fayette Co., PA; Spelled Yandee on WPA Murphy 3; WPA

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  1. Ron

    I maintain a data base for the Indiana Society of the War of 1812 of 1812 veterans buried in Indiana, There are over 1500 names listed.. I do not have most of the names you list, but do have others. What does Murphy 1 or 3 mean? Would it upset you if I used some of your information to add some of these names to the data base? I have met you at various SAR events over the years, but never talked much to you specifically.

    Alan Teller