Thursday, May 10, 2012

67. State Archives Copying Charge Is A Ripoff!

    A handout at the Indiana State Archives contains this statement:

   I find this hard to believe when copies all over town and the state come in at 10-25 cents. What is really a ripoff is the "digital capture" part of it.
   Just so it is clear--
1. You get the film out of the cabinet
2. You install it on the machine
3. You find the frames you need
4. You install the flash drive you paid for
5. You save your images
6. You use no Archives toner or paper
7. You use no Archives staff time
8. You still have to pay $1.00 for each image you save!

Since, we as taxpaying citizens of Indiana already paid to create the records, paid to transport them to the Archives, paid to microfilm them, paid to buy the building, paid to provide security, paid for the HVAC system, paid for the staff to run the place, and paid for every incidental in the building, why do we have to again pay excessive charges to copy our own records???

I suspect the real reason is this Indiana law-- 

The ICPR gets to keep any money they can rip off from the Archives visitors. No returning it to the regular General Fund; just keep it and play with it how they want. Would you call that "User Friendly"? Dont'cha love the Indiana State Government?

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