Monday, May 14, 2012

71. Digital Preservation Workshop, Indy, May 31

  This workshop is featured on the Library of Congress website. Why is it not featured somewhere here in Indianapolis? Has anyone seen it posted around town? It's not on the State Library website calendar. Strange...

Introduction to Digital Preservation Concepts

Course Details

May 31, 2012

Volunteers and professionals responsible for managing and preserving digital content are invited to a digital preservation workshop. The workshop is based on curriculum developed by the Library of Congress' Digital Preservation Outreach and Education Program (DPOE), whose mission includes fostering national outreach and education to encourage individuals and organizations to actively preserve their digital content. The Indiana State Historic Records Advisory Board, in conjunction with the Indiana State Library and Indiana Commission on Public Records, are hosting and teaching the workshop. This workshop introduces fundamental concepts for managing your digital content over time through a series of six modules.

Course Format: Onsite
Address: Indiana State Library
History Reference Room
315 W. Ohio St.
Indianapolis, IN
Duration: 6 hours
Audience Category: Practical (Hands-on)
Level: Basic
Instructor(s): Stephanie Gowler (DPOE Trainer)
Maximum Attendees: 50
Cost Range: Free
Provider: Indiana State Library, Indiana Commission on Public Records
Sponsored by: State Historic Records Advisory Board
Register at course website

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