Sunday, May 20, 2012

76. Speedway Public Library, Indiana Room

[Since this is the beginning of Race Week, I thought I would feature Speedway.]  

    When I first began serious genealogy about 25 or so years ago, I lived in Clermont on Indy's western border. I quickly discovered the Westside Genealogy Club and began attending meetings at the Speedway Library.
    The Club had several experienced genealogists, especially Ralph Baldwin and Mary Kay Schroeder, and they got me off to a great start as a researcher.
     The Westside Genealogy Club was the driving force and main volunteer source for the Indiana Room collection at the Library. Unfortunately, after Ralph died and Mary Kay moved away, the Club ran down and went defunct at least a dozen years ago.
     I recently visited the Indiana Room, and it didn't look as if it had been updated since then. They have a decent collection of Speedway materials, including newspaper microfilm of the Speedway Press, but little of recent vintage is evident. You can still do research there, but it seems like the collection is lost in a time warp.  The two librarians that I talked to didn't seem to know much about the collection.
    What they need is a core group of enthusiastic volunteers to take charge and upgrade the shelves. Any volunteers?

Indiana Room Left

Indiana Room Right
Address is 5633 W. 25th St. Speedway, IN 46224-3899
(317) 243-8959

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