Monday, May 21, 2012

77. Miscellaneous Monday

    Here are a few tidbits I've been wanting to work in...

A. Funny How Names Are Traditional

     The Star ran an article last week about today's baby names, and it sure seemed like my genealogy research. Top girls' names include Sophia, Isabella, Emma, Olivia, Ava, Emily, and Abigail. Top boys' versions are Jacob, William, Noah, Michael, Ethan, and Daniel. Records from 1800 sure look like that to me!

B. Your Indiana Map

    A group called the Indiana Geographic Information Council has a digital map on line at I've looked at it, but haven't figured out a good way to use it for genealogy. I mean, come on, it's a map, it's gotta have a genealogy use!

C. Linn Family Reunion

    I was browsing in the Noblesville Antique Mall the other day and saw a great panoramic photo titled "Linn Family Reunion." It was dated August 15, 1914, and must have included 50 or more folks. Anyone out there connected to this bunch? It was taken by an Indiana photographer.

D. World War II Roundtable

    I plan to attend the Indianapolis WW2 Roundtable meeting tonight at 5:30. They meet at the K of C Hall, E. 71st St. and Keystone Ave. The meeting is free, but a buffet dinner is $9.00 and optional. If you have relatives who were in "The Big One," you might drop by and find someone who was in the same theater and unit. Get some great background info for your family bio.

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  1. I own a Miller-Coy 1914 Family reunion panorama photo. I will be making a copy as soon as I find the best way to do it. I can identify 11 of the group, with birthdates from 1911 back to 1857, with names Scott, Miller and Barker.

    I am guessing this is really a Miller-Scott-Barker reunion, because, as a child I always thought it was a Scott reunion photo. Knowing my grandparents, they got a good price on a photo that was misnamed. I could be wrong!

    The photo is by Manring Photo of Anderson, IN.

    If you here of any access to newspaper accounts of Noblesville family reunions, I hope you will post them. Thanks! Marijane Conner Scott of Indianapolis