Tuesday, May 29, 2012

81. Danish Lutheran Church Records in Indy

            The Genealogical Society of Marion County Library has an interesting church document. GSMC member Barbara George located and copied an impressive set of records of the Danish Evangelical Lutheran Trinity Congregation, now known as the First Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church.
            The Church, the first Danish Lutheran Church in America, held its first service on Easter Sunday, 1868. The first church building was at 641 E. McCarty Street on the near south side, but in 1956 the Church relocated to the present site at 5321 E. 42nd Street.
            The copies of church records presented by Barbara include an 8-page history of the congregation, several pages of the establishment forms and constitution, a 48-page membership list from 1868 to 1939, a 50-page list of baptisms from 1869-1939, an 8-page list of confirmations from 1872 to 1939, a 16-page list of marriages from 1869 to 1939, and an 8-page list of deaths and burials from 1869 to 1938.
            The various lists contain a rich variety of information, including parents’ names (including mothers’ maiden names), birthplaces in Europe and the U.S., and, among other things, a fantastic record of precise dates for all events. If you have Danish ancestry that lived in or passed through Marion County, check out this great new resource in the GSMC Library collection. 

Sample Page from Church Records

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