Monday, June 18, 2012

90. GSMC Adds Major Catholic Cemeteries Database

    Members of the Genealogical Society of Marion County just received the great news that the group has added a new online database. Congrats to President Mike Method and his hard working crew.   See the email notice below:

          We are delighted to announce that we have loaded 38,181 cemetery records for the local Catholic cemeteries:

Calvary                                               35,696
Holy Cross                                               361
St. Joseph                                                416
Our Lady of Peace                               1,547
St. Malachy North (Hendricks Co.)       129
St. Malachy West  (Hendricks Co.)         32

            You can access these records on our website. Pass the word. We have been working on these records for a very long time, primarily because of various technical difficulties and the need to reformat the records.
            The information in the records is as of 29 Jan 2012, and comes directly from the cemetery database, which is managed by the Buchanan Group (Flanner & Buchanan). This is not based on any ‘reading’ of gravestones, etc.
            We have manipulated the records only to the extent necessary to fit our online format, e.g. separating names into Prefix, Given Name, Middle Name, Surname, Suffix, Maiden Name, Alias [nickname], etc. We have not ‘added’ anything, such as calculating an age. We are faithful to what was provided.
            For Calvary, Holy Cross, and St. Joseph cemeteries: These records are known to be incomplete because of how original records were loaded into the cemetery’s computers. It is estimated that approximately 25,000 additional records could be added. We hope that a GSMC project will be able to work with Buchanan to accomplish that. We believe that the records for Our Lady of Peace and the St. Malachy cemeteries are correct.
            If you use these records and note anything which should be corrected, please send an email to
            Let others know what your membership support and volunteer support can do.
As pleased as we are to make these records available, we have so much more that we can do. Thanks to several volunteers, we are working on more records for other cemeteries, as well as a continuing update of the information about every cemetery in the county (including abandoned cemeteries). We also have other non-cemetery projects. If you want to help, please send a note to
Mike Method President, Genealogical Society of Marion County (Indiana)

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