Sunday, June 24, 2012

93. Spotlight Sunday: Looking Around

A few topics that have been percolating in my mind--

Part of the sparse Pal-Am
One: I staffed a table at the National Conference of the Palatines To America on June 15 and 16 to publicize the Indiana Genealogical Society. Don't know if it was worth it or not. Attendance was well under 100, a strange total for a national society. There were only 9 vendors including me, so I don't see how any of them made money. Too bad; someone at Pal-Am needs to light a fire under someone!

Two: My workshop on the Civil War at the Marion Public Library on June 21 was enjoyable. Their Indiana Room is an impressive collection of research materials, and the Grant County Museum in the old Carnegie Library site next to the current Library is interesting. Really liked the restored Crosley automobile--we need something like that right now!
themed object
Marion Library entrance

Three: There is absolutely no proof that the State is considering moving the State Archives to this fine Hoosier barn in order to save even more money. I want to squash that rumor right now! Shame on you for even thinking that our fine government officials would do that.
It would add a unique Hoosier flavor!
 Four:  There is a huge State parking lot just northeast of the State Library and a huge State parking garage on the other side of the street. Both of these are totally empty on Saturdays, when the State Library is open. Why can't the State open these areas for free or reduced parking for patrons of the Library? The State owns the Library and the State owns the parking lot and garage. How hard could it be?

 Five: The Sons of the American Revolution, of which I am a part, is engaged in an on-going series of presentations at the Indiana War Memorial. The IWM hosts a lot of school groups who tour the Museum, and the SAR Color Guard meets them at the Revolutionary War/Fort Sackville display. We add a few facts and ideas to the kids' knowledge base. Lots of fun and the classes seem to enjoy it.
   Indiana War Memorial Exterior

Six: I continue to be impressed with the historical collection on the sixth floor of the Main Library downtown. Lots of good genealogical materials located in a beautiful, user-friendly location.  I recommend it to one and all.

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