Thursday, July 19, 2012

105. Franklin Township Historical Society

    If you want to see what a local historical society should be, visit the Franklin Township Historical Society right here in southeastern Marion County.
    Housed in the former Big Run Baptist Church building at 6510 S. Franklin Road, FTHS has an amazing collection of early area artifacts and documents. Their numerous active members have worked hard to assemble both a good historical and a good genealogical collection.
    If you have ancestors in SE Marion County or NW Shelby County, you need to visit or contact this group. [Or if you just want to see some neat stuff!] It's easy to do--they have a building, a website, a Facebook and Blog presence--altogether a with-it bunch of folks.

Great historical building

Plan on some browsing time among the artifacts.

Lot of great family history materials on the shelves.

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