Sunday, July 22, 2012

106. Midwestern Roots Observations

     I, along with numerous other genie folks, had an enjoyable two days at the Midwestern Roots Conference here in Indy on Friday and Saturday. It's always a pleasure to greet so many old friends and to meet so many enthusiastic genealogists from all over the country.
     Friday was my day to work for a few hours at the Indiana Genealogical Society booth, telling attendees about all the good features of IGS and an IGS membership. Saturday I registered and attended the workshops that looked most interesting.
     The session I liked the best was Patricia Van Skaik's great presentation of the Cincinnati Panorama photo of 1848, which she enhanced with genealogical material about the various features shown. The photo, a Daguerrotype, has to have a zillion pixels per pinhead, as you can enlarge it almost indefinitely without the fuzzies. Check it out at the Cincinnati Library.
     Margaret Bierlein of IHS and her committee put together a great lineup of speakers and vendors; hat's off to Maggie! Looking forward to the next one.

The vendor area had some interesting booths, even the Daughters of the Confederacy ventured up here into Yankee country!

I was glad to see a strong group of volunteers at the Genealogical Society of Marion County booth. Theirs was the only county society represented, which I felt was a loss of a great opportunity for many groups. You gotta put yourself out there if you want to stay alive!

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