Monday, July 23, 2012

107. Monday Miscellany

Some tidbits to ponder:

107A. If you have any ancestry that goes through Monument City up near Wabash, you might drop by there this summer. The town was destroyed by the Salamonie Reservoir back in the '60's, but the drought has uncovered it recently. An old school is visible among other things. Know where Grandpa's house was?

107B. I really like ethnic festivals. They remind me that our melting pot rests on an ethnic quilt. I often attend these festivals even if I am not part of that ethnic group (see Greek Festival here in Indy!) This is a roundabout way of mentioning the Swiss Festival up in Berne, running from July 26th through the 29th. Check out the Heritage Village, listen to the music, and, of course, chow down.

107C. If you're interested in historic preservation, be sure to check out SHAARD, the State Historic Architecture and Archaeology database. It's online at

107D. If you missed the Midwestern Roots Conference this past weekend, I am sure that the syllabus CD is still available from the Indiana Historical Society. Lot's of good info and those valuable URLS's!

107E. M.Teresa Baer of the IHS Press gifted me with a copy of their new book, "Indianapolis, A City of Immigrants." My picture is in it, along with Stuart Hart, a fellow Sons of the American Revolution Color Guard member. We assist at many naturalization ceremonies here in Indy, and we are a popular photo op for new citizens. Thanks, Teresa. (The book is available in the IHS Bookstore.)

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