Thursday, August 30, 2012

129. Indiana Newspaper Digitization Titles Released

     If you take a look at my Post 100 about the Library of Congress Newspaper Digitization Project, Indiana was on deck to have some of their papers converted. The list has now been released and an alert reader forwarded it to me. It includes four Indianapolis titles. 

"The main question: How can this project best represent Historic Indiana from a newspaper perspective without bias due to geography, city size, politics, etc.? The answer: The fact that the committee WAS aware of the potential for such biases."
 [My observation: Four of the ten titles are from Indy and two are from Marshall. What about Richmond, Muncie, Marion, Lafayette, Evansville? Seems a bit skewed to me!]

"Consequently, ten titles (along with several related titles for each of the core ten selected) were picked to provide for an excellent (and, unbiased) cross-section of historic newspaper Indiana:

Core Newspaper Titles for the 2011-2013 Hoosier Historic Newspaper Digitization Project
1. Jasper Weekly Courier, Jasper Indiana (Dubois County)
2. Marshall County Republican, Plymouth Indiana (Marshall County)
3. Marshall County Democrat, Plymouth Indiana (Marshall County)
4. Indianapolis Journal, Indianapolis, Indiana (Marion County)
5. Indiana State Sentinel, Indianapolis, Indiana (Marion County)
6. Wabash Express, Terre Haute, Indiana (Vigo County)
7. Randolph County Journal, Winchester, Indiana (Randolph County)
8. Indiana American, Brookville, Indiana (Franklin County)
9. Indianapolis Leader, Indianapolis, Indiana (Marion County)
10. Indiana Tribüne, Indianapolis, Indiana (Marion County) German Paper

I hope this helps! Please, feel free to contact me directly for more information. I am always happy to discuss this project."

Chris Ittenbach, CAPM
Indiana State Government
Indiana State Library (Library Development Office)
NEH-NDNP Project Manager

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  1. Uhhh....looks a little south-heavy doesn't it? Maybe a map would have helped.