Monday, September 3, 2012

131. Miscellaneous Monday, September 3

131A. The September issue of Senior Life newspaper (free at most supermarkets!) contains two more good historical articles--OK, I'm a history nut--that you might check out.
     Page 16 has a feature about the 1890 introduction of electric streetcars in Indianapolis, replacing the older mule-drawn models. A number of folks had reservations about the new high-tech cars and were reluctant to ride them. Dogs liked to chase the new electrics and evidently dog electrocutions were common. Did your great-grandparents ride the Indy streets in mules or electrics?
     Page 23 features a description of the Huddleston Farmhouse near Cambridge City, a popular stop on the early National Road. Now operated by Historic Landmarks, the Huddleston is now a museum and has a traditional dining program. I grew up along the National Road, now Route 40, in Wheeling, WV, and it's nice to see it is being commemorated here in Indiana. Did your ancestors arrive in Indy in a wagon back in the day? Maybe they stopped at the Huddleston for a bit. Check it out.

131B. I'm presenting a program Wednesday evening at 7 for the Hamilton County Genealogical Society, talking about the "Fraternal Order of Everyone." It's at the Carmel-Clay Township Building, 107th and College; it's free, so stop by and visit with some nice folks.

131C.  On this Thursday we're going on the Indiana Pioneers trip to Tippecanoe County for their fall excursion. We're visiting Carroll County also for a ride on the Wabash and Erie Canal--can't wait for that! In addition, we're taking in the Tippecanoe Battlefield and Fort Ouiatenon. We've gone on several of the Pioneers trips--the spouse is a member!--and enjoy them every time. Nelson Price travels along and fills us in on mountains of Indiana history. You should go on one of these.

131D. It's Ethnic Season in Indy! This month has the Greek Fest, the French Market Fest, and the Irish Fest that I know about. These events are always enjoyable, even if I am a Scottish hillbilly. See you there--I'll be the guy at the food booths!

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