Saturday, September 22, 2012

141. I Published...Did You?

    I always have a great feeling of accomplishment when I produce another book on a family line. This week I finally put together and printed my book on "The Martin Blanchard Family of Hampshire and America." This is the sixth family book that I have done.
    The Blanchards were my token "rich" family--they probably had more money that all my other lines put together. It's definitely easier to research folks with a large bank balance!
    When I start to research a family line, I use my Brothers Keeper genealogy program to collect and record data. At the same time I create Word files as mini-biographies. Initially the Word files are just stubs, mostly boilerplate entries, that I continually update and refine as I go along. The mini-bios are where I add speculations and observations and further research ideas.
    Somewhere along in this process, I decide that the material is refined and extensive enough to warrant printing. I just reached that point a couple of weeks ago with the Blanchards. I recommend the process to one and all. Don't just collect data endlessly--get it out there in a family book! Put copies in family member's hands and in libraries. You'll be glad you did!

Martin Blanchard Family
Hampshire and America
Allied Families: Munt, Hale, Hawkins, Stevens,
Sanborn, Vincent, Wilson, O'Neill

Ronald L. Darrah
8126 Bittern Lane
Indianapolis, IN 46256



  1. Thanks for sharing your process, Ron. Is this book at GSMC library? Do you place them all at ACPL?
    Congrats on this accomplishment.
    Nancy Hurley

  2. Hi, Nancy,
    I send them all to ACPL for the Genealogy Exchange Program.
    Also, to the Family History Library and several other libraries.