Monday, September 24, 2012

142. Johnson Family Revisited

   [See Post 139] We are closing in on our Johnson family photo. The IGS webmaster Meredith Thompson took up the gauntlet and may have solved our mystery, as far as identity is concerned.

Ron – I saw your blog post about the photo you found of a Hazel Johnson taken by an Indianapolis photographer and I think I may have solved your mystery. First, to me the father’s first name looked like “Ol” – like short for Oliver. So I searched and found an Oliver Johnson (male white age 35 at next birthday, father: Joseph, mother’s maiden name: blank) married a Bertha Dosch or Dasch on February 21, 1888 in Clinton County. I then found an entry on FamilySearch for daughter Hazel Vera M. Johnson (born 1890 in Clinton Co.)’s marriage application in June 1912 Indianapolis to Joseph Leo Lime  (see
Hope this helps.

    Now to find a descendant of Hazel Johnson Lime. Any ideas on that out there in Genealogyland?



    Hope this helps you.