Wednesday, October 24, 2012

159. Lost Graveyards: Wadsworth Cemetery

Lost Graveyards: Wadsworth Cemetery, Lawrence Township

            A while back another genealogist and I were visiting the Castleton UM Church to survey their church records depository (an old safe in the cellar!). After our survey we were visiting in the hallway, discussing local history and genealogy.
A gentleman just lingering in the area heard our discussion and volunteered the information that he had an old cemetery on his property that few people knew about. He was right about that--we didn’t--and further investigation revealed no one else seemed to either.
The gentleman, Willis Landon, offered to search for a hand-written note that he had at home. He finally found it and transcribed the information. The note was from Margaret Adams of 777 Dean Road in Indianapolis, who is a descendant of the Wadsworth family. Margaret is a lifelong resident of the Castleton area and a member of the Castleton UM Church.
Mr Landon’s information, and that of Margaret Adams, is as follows: