Tuesday, November 20, 2012

173. Food Choices at State Library

     If you have ever spent a research day in the Genealogy Division of the Indiana State Library, you know that getting some lunch is a dicey proposition. Now that bad weather--rain, snow, ice, wind--is a common Indiana feature, things get even worse.
    You can walk outside and down the block to the Historical Society, or outside and over three or four blocks to crowded sites along Illinois or Capitol streets--a fun jaunt in the snow or some such.
    Did you know that the State Office Building just south of the State Library has a nice cafeteria? And did you know that there is a nice secure, weather protected tunnel that leads from the Library to the cafeteria? And that same tunnel leads from the weather protected garage to the Library and cafeteria?
    And did you know that only state employees can use that tunnel? If you are an Indiana citizen and taxpayer, you can't be secure and weather protected while you go for lunch; you have to go out in the ice and snow to forage for yourself.
    Why can't State Library researchers, especially out-of-town or out-of-state patrons, get a simple pass and use the tunnel to get some lunch? Should we ask the State Archivist to create a program to get that done? And why doesn't anyone in state government ever think of these things? The world wonders...

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