Thursday, December 27, 2012

191. ISA Catalog Supplement #3

               The Indianapolis Donation Plat Maps Microfilm

     The Indiana State Archives has several pages of explanations about the landowners of the Indianapolis Land Donation purchases, like this: 

Indianapolis Donation Indianapolis Donation

Back to the Land Records Index

     But, in all this, I couldn't find any mention that you could look up much of this on a roll of microfilm yourself. Just go to film drawer 401-D-6 and find the roll titled, "Auditor of State, Reel #1, Indexes, Land Dept." On the end of that roll you will find the following file with lots of maps (see sample) and purchasers names. I imagine you could search the index above online and then go to the film to save some time. I heard a rumor at the Archives that all of this would soon be online in full color, but I haven't seen it to date.

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