Thursday, August 30, 2012

129. Indiana Newspaper Digitization Titles Released

     If you take a look at my Post 100 about the Library of Congress Newspaper Digitization Project, Indiana was on deck to have some of their papers converted. The list has now been released and an alert reader forwarded it to me. It includes four Indianapolis titles. 

"The main question: How can this project best represent Historic Indiana from a newspaper perspective without bias due to geography, city size, politics, etc.? The answer: The fact that the committee WAS aware of the potential for such biases."
 [My observation: Four of the ten titles are from Indy and two are from Marshall. What about Richmond, Muncie, Marion, Lafayette, Evansville? Seems a bit skewed to me!]

"Consequently, ten titles (along with several related titles for each of the core ten selected) were picked to provide for an excellent (and, unbiased) cross-section of historic newspaper Indiana:

Core Newspaper Titles for the 2011-2013 Hoosier Historic Newspaper Digitization Project
1. Jasper Weekly Courier, Jasper Indiana (Dubois County)
2. Marshall County Republican, Plymouth Indiana (Marshall County)
3. Marshall County Democrat, Plymouth Indiana (Marshall County)
4. Indianapolis Journal, Indianapolis, Indiana (Marion County)
5. Indiana State Sentinel, Indianapolis, Indiana (Marion County)
6. Wabash Express, Terre Haute, Indiana (Vigo County)
7. Randolph County Journal, Winchester, Indiana (Randolph County)
8. Indiana American, Brookville, Indiana (Franklin County)
9. Indianapolis Leader, Indianapolis, Indiana (Marion County)
10. Indiana Trib√ľne, Indianapolis, Indiana (Marion County) German Paper

I hope this helps! Please, feel free to contact me directly for more information. I am always happy to discuss this project."

Chris Ittenbach, CAPM
Indiana State Government
Indiana State Library (Library Development Office)
NEH-NDNP Project Manager

128. New Classes at Noblesville Library, Sep. 8 & 11

 Nancy Massey and the Hamilton East Public Library adds to our genealogy knowledge on a regular basis by some great classes. If you're not too far away, why not plan to attend some of the events...

Event Type: Genealogy Classes  Date: 9/8/2012
Start Time: 9:30 AM End Time: 12:30 PM
 Learn the very basics of getting started in family history research. Review genealogy research methods, and look at what’s new in genealogy resources. Ideal for beginner and experienced researchers who are returning to genealogy from a long break. Registration is required. Register by calling the Hamilton East Public Library at 776-6939 or online at For further information contact Nancy at 770-3206.
Library: Noblesville Public Library   Location: Genealogy Classroom
Presenter: Nancy Massey Status: Openings
Event Type: Genealogy Classes  Date: 9/11/2012
Start Time: 2:15 PM End Time: 3:15 PM
 Share stories of immigrant ancestors and your experiences in trying to find those ancestors. This is an informal discussion group and registration is not required. For further information contact Nancy at 770-3206.
Library: Noblesville Public Library   Location: Genealogy Classroom
Nancy Massey  Contact Number: 770-3206  Presenter: Nancy Massey

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

127. More Open Records Turmoil

— A Pike County resident and the Evansville Courier & Press are suing the Vanderburgh County Health Department to obtain access to cause of death information contained on death certificates maintained by the health department.
     The newspaper and Rita Ward of Winslow, Ind., contend the death certificates are public records, while the health department interprets state law to require it to restrict access to them.
     It's information the newspaper had published on its public records page from 2002 until May when the health department suddenly stopped including death causes in the information it provided to the newspaper.   [See August 15, 2012, issue of the C & P newspaper online.]

Monday, August 27, 2012

126. Miscellaneous Monday, August 27

126A.  The August issue of the free Senior Life newspaper has an interesting article on the Ishmaelites, which I had never heard of. This group of mixed race and mixed ethnic peoples came from Kentucky and settled in early 1800's Indianapolis.  The article said that James Whitcomb Riley's "Little Orphan Annie" is based on an Ishmaelite girl. Pick up a paper around town and read about this strange Indy group.

126B. While at the State Fair recently, I visited the DNR booth on Heritage Day and picked up a free copy of the booklet "Early Peoples of Indiana." This booklet, newly revised in 2012, tells the story of the Indiana area from prehistory to early Anglo settlement. Lot of info on using archaeology and anthropology to learn about human communities. Call or write to the Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology for your copy. It's a fun read.

 126C.  I found an interesting little history book at the I-MCPL book sale (my favorite book place!).
Titled "Along The Ohio River," the perfect-bound book is part of the Arcadia Press history series, and contains postcard views of the river from Cincinnati to Louisville. Lots of Indiana views and Indiana riverboats. Do you ever think how the history of Indianapolis would have changed if the White River had been navigable? I grew up at Wheeling, WV, and the river was the major determinant in its existence.

126D. The Indiana State Library Genealogy Division features a handout flyer, titled "Genealogy Resources for K-12 Educators." It has lots of suggestions for getting young people interesting in genealogy and family history. Next time you're at ISL, why not pick up a few copies and get them to teachers and other folks who interact with children. Let's get the new kids on the block into our fascinating study area!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

125. Sheridan Historical Society

     If any of your Marion County ancestors migrated to or from northwest Hamilton County, you should stop by the Sheridan Historical Society at 308 S. Main St., in Sheridan, Indiana.
     This good local society has a great museum and genealogy collection in their storefront building right on the main drag in the downtown area. They also maintain and display the Boxley Cabin in the park, a National Register site.
     Their website did not seem to work when I recently tried it, so call them at (317) 758-5054, or email to Membership is only $20 a year for adults and they have other options.
     The SHS is an impressively active group; I recently attended their Blugrass Festival and had a great time. You should give them a look-see!