Saturday, January 5, 2013

195. Want To Study Up For Free?

    All of us feel the need to brush up on our family history methods once in a while. The problem is that usually costs money, with books and conferences running $20 or more each . Here then is a freebee for you:
    Up on the sixth floor of the Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library they have over 200 good methodology books on genealogy, most of them new and up-to-date, such as the below 2012 title by Megan Smolenyak. The nice thing is that all of them can be checked out on your library card at no additional cost!
    In addition to general books on census, probates, vital records, and such, they also have a good selection of ethnic titles, such as Scottish, Irish, German, African-American, Native American, Polish, Chinese, and others. So, stop by the Main Library and take a few books home to review at your convenience. [While you're up there, look over the Indiana county histories section on Six and the newspaper microfilm on Three. Make it a Three-fer!]

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