Monday, January 7, 2013

196. Today Is Gloomy Genealogy Day

     Yes, boys and girls, today is officially our annual Gloomy Genealogy Day here in Indy.
Not only does the State Legislature convene today, a gloomy occasion in its own right, but today is when the police department or someone goes around capping off nearly every parking meter within blocks of the State Library.
     If you are from out of town, be prepared to trudge a block or two in order to do genealogy research at ISL. If the weather is bad, try not to feel envious that all the legislative flunkies and well-heeled lobbyists get to park close to the capitol building.
     My recommendation is to use alternate venues for research, such as the Main Library with its parking garage, the State Archives on 30th Street with lots of free parking, or even the Historical Society across the street with a parking lot. There are some good genealogy libraries not far away, including the Sullivan in Zionsville, Hamilton Southeastern in Noblesville, the Anderson Library, the Danville Library, and the Johnson County Museum of History, all of which have free parking and good close restaurants.
    A little further away, but on a higher level, is the Allen County Library in Fort Wayne and the Sons of the American Revolution Library in Louisville.
    The State Legislature adjourns in April, so try to think outside the box on research sites; you may be glad you did!

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