Wednesday, January 9, 2013

197. ISA Online Catalog Supplement #4

Indiana World War One Service Cards

    The State Archives website has little to say about this great collection:
          "Though the Archives does not maintain copies of actual DD214’s for veterans of the first World War, service record cards are available on microfilm. These cards generally offer dates of service, areas of deployment, and awards and citations."
          First off, DD214's did not start until 1950, so you would have a hard time finding one for a WW1 vet [Clue the Archives! Also see my Post #185]
          Secondly, since the Federal Government managed to burn up about 80% of the Army's WW1 personnel files, these microfilms may be all you will be able to find on your family servicemen/women. That fact alone makes them unduly valuable, and the Archives may want to elaborate a little on their description.
          Meanwhile, there are three full file drawers (401-B-5,6,7) with over a hundred 16mm rolls of alphabetical Indiana service files for the Army and Marines, and a dozen rolls of service files on Navy and Coast Guard members.
          These rolls are labeled "Old Filming" and there are a dozen or so 35mm rolls labeled "New Filming." I don't know why they felt it necessary to re-film, as the old ones look good to me.
          Be aware that, since you have to look at them on a microfilm reader-printer, it will cost you $1.00 per page for copies--a real rip off, wouldn't you say?
          Here's a sample of what they look like, with the first two pics the front and back of the Army/Marine card and the third one the Navy/Coast Guard version (no backside data on the Navy version, I guess):

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