Thursday, January 10, 2013

198. Tidbit Thursday

A.  I plan to attend the meeting Saturday of the Genealogical Society of Marion County. Held from 1:00 to 3:00 at the Eagle Branch Library, 3325 Lowry Road (around 33rd and Georgetown Road), we will be focusing on "Brick Wall Problems." Don't know about you, but I have several and will be hoping someone has some good ideas. See you there!

B. I for one would like to see the Indiana Legislature give all that religious stuff a rest and focus on real problems. On the other hand, maybe we should suggest to some of them that God wants us to have a new State Archives. I'm just sayin', you work with who you got...

C. Our State Society of the Sons of the American Revolution had the best year ever in 2012. Don't know why--is history on the upswing? And the Caroline Scott Harrison Chapter of the DAR was the best in the country on members last year. I guess we're doing something right here in Indiana.

D. Speaking of the GSMC, they have to move out of Crown Hill Cemetery this year, future destination unknown. Does anyone know of some low cost or free space that's looking for a good group with a good genealogy library?  If so, give them a shout.

E. Where might someone get a flatbed scanner that scans about 11" x 17" and doesn't cost an arm and a leg? I'm having some real problems with some ledger books and need a good answer.

F. Hope to see you at the Ulster Guys Conference at I.H.S in March and the Indiana Genealogical Society Conference in Bloomington in April. Genealogy Marches ON!!!

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