Monday, January 21, 2013

204. Henry Darrah Is Finally A Patriot!

    OK, OK, this doesn't have much to do with IndyGenealogy, but I just wanted to brag a little. This month, after many years of research and frustration, I managed to get my ancestor Henry Darrah certified as a Revolutionary War Patriot with the Sons of the American Revolution. Yes!
    Henry, one of my innumerable Scots-Irish ancestors, was a member of the York County, PA, militia, and that group manned Camp Security in York County, an American-run POW camp during the Revolution. Camp Security held both Burgoyne's and Cornwallis' troops after their respective surrenders. So, whew, Henry is now officially a Patriot, and several of my relatives are chomping at the bit to follow my lead into the SAR and DAR. Go, guys!

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  1. All your hard work and years of frustration have finally paid off. Way to go Ron!