Wednesday, January 30, 2013

209. Great Indiana County Histories at IMCPL

    With the poor weather and the restricted parking around the State Library, now might be the perfect time to do some Indiana county history research at the Main Branch of the Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library.
    Located in the microfilm area on the third floor, the County Histories collection has 262 history titles on film. They even have a printed index for you reluctant techies.
    The library has nice long hours seven days a week with secure indoor parking. Another plus is that, if you bring a flash drive, you can copy as many pages as you want at absolutely no cost--how about that!! Remember how hard it is to photocopy those large atlases or those tightly bound books? No problem here--just move the image around and copy what you want.
     Below are images of the file drawer, the index entry, and the first few items of the printed index. Don't be shy--go explore historical and genealogical Indiana.!

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