Saturday, February 2, 2013

210. ISA Catalog Supplement #6

Indiana County Records Microfilm
            I looked through the online collections indexes at the Indiana State Archives website, and I found no mention at all about their holdings of Indiana County Records Microfilm.
            The Genealogical Society of Utah has maintained an active filming program up until fairly recently of courthouse records of Indiana. As part of their contract, they evidently have to send a copy of all the films to the Indiana State Archives.
            These microfilm rolls are held at the Archives in eleven film cabinets just to the right of the Reading Room entrance. On top of each cabinet is a 4" ring binder with a filming index for the counties, which are filed alphabetically.
            What this means to you as a researcher is that you can research all over the state without leaving Indianapolis. It also means that you don't have to go to a Family History Center, order and pay them $4 or so per roll for shipping, and wait until the film arrives to view it.
            Just research online at, make a note of the rolls you want, and view them right away at the Archives. [Be aware that the State Archives charges $1 per page for microfilm copies, so the cost may be a wash.]
           Note the sample index pages below for Miami County. Visit the Archives and research any Indiana county you want! And, no, I don't know why the Archives wouldn't tell Hoosiers about this great collection.


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