Monday, February 4, 2013

211. Let's All Push For Indiana's New Archives

     OK, we have a new state administration, our state budget is so good Indiana is giving money back, and the economy is bouncing back, too. But we do have a huge unaddressed problem: Our State Archives building is the 51st worst in the nation! Yes, that's right, folks; not only are we worse that all the other states, but even the District of Columbia.
     If you have ever visited our State Archives building, that Flimsy-Warehouse-In-Tornado-Alley, you know we have earned our status honestly. The building, never meant to house anything valuable, is old, leaky, humidity-challenged, and a disaster waiting to happen.
     Now is the time to change that--we need a new state-of-the art Indiana State Archives that will protect our state history and its documents, and will provide facilities for genealogists, historians, and all Hoosiers to view and use all of the great material stored there.
     Let's get going on this! Now is the time! Contact your state officials today! History is in your hands!

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Is This An Archives Or A Factory?

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  1. Wow. Didn't even know we has a state archives. That's probably why,