Thursday, February 21, 2013

220. New State Library Equipment

    I was glad to see, on a recent visit to the second floor of the State Library, that they have installed some new microfilm readers. Only 10 of the old style readers are left; the majority of the machines now, 14 in fact, are new digital readers that have computers and screens attached. You can print out images (for you traditionalists) or you can save images to your flash drive. The two styles are shown below. Way to go, ISL!!


  1. If those are like the new one that we have at the Anderson Public Library, they're a mixed blessing. You can't easily do a running scan on a microfilm because the machine goes out of focus as soon as the film moves. It takes 3-4 longer to go through a reel of microfilm.

  2. WOW ! ! !thanks for posting :)