Sunday, March 3, 2013

227. Shelby County Genealogy Going Digital

             Things are moving into the 21st century down in Shelbyville, according to an article in the Indianapolis Star last Saturday.
            Written by C. M. Schmidlkofer (now is that German, or what?) of the Shelbyville News, the article describes a program of the Shelby County Public Library's Genealogy Division to scan a wide variety of material. Included in the process are family files, obits, B & D's, yearbooks, and other types. Some materials may be coming to the library from the courthouse.
            A large donation for equipment helped get the project going. The library could use additional volunteers to keep the process rolling. Call (317) 398-8144 to join in. Paraphrasing an old song, "Everything's up to date in Shelby County!"
            [Now, if we could only get the State Archives into the mix! Images! Images!]

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