Thursday, March 7, 2013

229. April Showers Heading Archives Way!

     At the moment rain is in the forecast, and we are still three weeks or so away from April. Why don't we all buy the Indiana State Archives a roll of plastic sheeting, just to drape those records that we ourselves are especially interested in protecting.
     I'm going to help cover Marion County about you? Maybe we should send each of our legislators a roll of plastic to remind them that the Archives is rotting away right now. We are already Number 51 in the country--how can we sink any lower? (Pardon the pun)
     Is there a line item in the current budget for a new Archives? I would guess not. Maybe we should put a row of slot machines in the Archives lobby! I know--let's sell the Archives to! It worked for the Turnpike. They can digitize everything, charge users for access, and send us a nice cut every year.
     Yeah, that oughta work...we can call it The Indiana Sinkhole! Or Supreme Court-wise, the Hoosier Drapery Defense.
Courtesy of the Friends of the Archives

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