Monday, March 11, 2013

231. Indiana Annual Reports Packed With Data

       On the third floor of the Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library in Indianapolis is a series of hardbound volumes collectively titled, "Indiana Annual Reports." They contain summary reports from the various state agencies to the General Assembly.
      The volumes, classified as 328.772, date from 1835 through 1912. While the bulk of the reports consist of legalese and statistics, interspersed within most of the volumes are charts and lists of various citizens.
      Some of the information available covers students at state-run schools, prison inmates, lists of pardons and fines, property owners, canal and road projects, state military events and soldiers, lists of state officeholders, state debtors and creditors, and a wide variety of citizens involved in some way with the state government.  
     Other libraries may have sets of these records, as over a hundred copies of most volumes were supposedly printed. The IMCPL volumes can be photocopied or  scanned by researchers, so check them out--you might find an ancestor or relative or even several!
Lots of good stuff on these shelves.

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