Saturday, March 16, 2013

233. Evansville's Willard Library Expanding

    As long as we are looking at the Evansville area, I was glad to see that the Willard Library has an expansion in the works. If you are a fan of the Willard, as I am, check out this information from their website:

     The Willard Library Building Expansion Project is a 2.4 million dollar construction project to provide a contiguous 8,000 sq. ft. below-grade addition to Willard Library, the State of Indiana’s oldest public library building. 1.6 million dollars has already been raised by the library. The expansion will be designed to enhance, rather than detract from, the historic building and park by creating the only formal public Victorian garden in Evansville.
     The interior space will provide an expanded, more publicly accessible Archives and provide for a Gallery in which art and historical exhibits can be displayed and program events can take place for adults and children. These significant exterior and interior enhancements are the logical conclusion resulting from our Library’s continuing successful plan to make our facility a local and national destination that has increased usage year over year by an average of 8.6%
     Planned construction begins August 1, 2013, and planned construction complete/opening is March 28, 2014.
     For more information related to the Building Expansion Project, to make a multi-year pledge
or to secure an available naming opportunity, please contact: Greg Hager, Director (812) 425-4309.