Wednesday, April 3, 2013

244. Need Help With Lawrence Township Books

    Twice now I have written to the Superintendent of the Lawrence Township School District to get some Justice of the Peace record books transferred to the State Archives. Superintendents Copper and Raimondi both have ignored my request. The letter text is as follows:

            "For some unexplained reason your school district has four ledgers in the Operations Building that are unrelated to the school system
            I had occasion to inspect these ledgers, and I found that they are Lawrence Township Justice of the Peace records extending from August of 1886 through January of 1934, encompassing the terms of at least four JP’s.
            Since Justices of the Peace operate under the jurisdiction of the Circuit Court Judges in Indiana, I think that these records could be considered “lost case files” of the Marion County Circuit Court. As such I recommend that the school district transfer these four items to the Indiana State Archives, which already has a large group of court files.
            The State Archives staff conservator could stabilize these items, currently in poor condition, and their volunteers could prepare indexes that would render these files usable by Indiana historians.
            I hope that you will consider this action. Thank you."

     Now I am appealing to anyone who has suggestions  as to how we can get this done. Let me know what you think. I am open to ideas.

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