Monday, April 29, 2013

260. Ding Dong, The Gang Is Gone!

            Today is the best of times; today is the worst of times [to paraphrase a book I once read].
Today, the State Legislature has departed from the Circle City, and we genealogists can once more find parking around the State Library. That's the best part. And for the worst part...
            I'm beginning to think that the Indiana Legislature is a product of Indiana schools--and definitely on the wrong side of the bell curve.
            Despite cluttering up the downtown area for several months, that august assembly has once again added to their consecutive string of failures and failed to provide for a safe, secure State Archives. I always wonder how electing aggressive Type-A college graduates to the legislature results in dumbing down the whole thing.
            And Governor Pence with his one-string banjo is looking a lot like Nero and his fiddle.
I'm not the only Hoosier who can see a lot of Indiana fires that need to be addressed--and not only the Archives. I think the further away we get from a balanced legislature the worse off we are, and why don't we have a legislature that's 50% female? Aren't females half the population?
            Maybe another part of the best part is that the legislature is only part time; do you shudder to think of the damage to the state if we had them 24/7/365?

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