Sunday, April 14, 2013

251. Genealogists Are Too Bloody Polite!

            The field of genealogy is populated for the most part by middle-aged white suburbanites, all of those people who try not to hurt anyone's feelings. The folks who are into feel-good touchy-feely impulses, whose children are not allowed to fail at anything and who get a blue ribbon for last place.
            We need to get over that in genealogy; we need to raise more hell. The same sex-marriage crowd and the pro-and anti-gun crowd have the right idea--make a sign, pound the pavement, shout slogans, mail letters and emails, make your position heard. Do we do that in genealogy? Don't be silly--someone might be offended!
            Do we fight for a new State Archives? Do we hit the streets over closing the SSDI? Do we protest cemetery neglect? Do we carry a sign when records are tossed in dumpsters? Yeah, that'll be the day.
            Genealogy is a billion dollar business in the U. S. Genealogists number in the millions; vote in those same millions. Do we use that clout? What--make a government official feel uncomfortable? Make a bureaucrat do his damn job?
            Government is not the problem; we are the problem. We get the service we deserve; we get the service that we do not demand. When we sit in our cozy little dens and wring our hands at another lost opportunity, we are the problem. Don't come crying to me when the record you need goes down the tube, go pound the table of the person whose job it is to preserve that record. Who cares if he feels bad, his tender psyche is not our problem--our problem is lost family history. Ask yourself: What would our grandchildren's grandchildren want us to do? When you figure out the answer, get your polite butt out there and do it!

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  1. Hear Hear!

    Writing my representatives hoping to push our Archives back to where they belong! As we near our bicentennial, let us hope that someone cares enough to house OUR Archives in a proper home.