Monday, April 22, 2013

255. I'm Waiting On My Zombie Ancestors

            I was in a movie theater the other day, watching a series of Coming Attractions, several of which involved zombies and the undead. All of a sudden it hit me--Why couldn't some of these zombies be a few of my ancestors?
            If so, I could ask my great-grandmother Mary Blanchard where she was born and who her parents were? I sure can't seem to find that out on my own. I could ask my spouse's great-great-grandfather James Sipes, who died at the battle of Shiloh, just where he's buried, because the government sure doesn't seem to know.
            I could ask my 4th great-grandfather Henry Darrah who his parents were and just where they came from in Ireland or Scotland. This could all be so simple. Do zombies talk? Do they remember their previous lives?
            Wouldn't that be a great idea? Of course, it would kick the slats out of Ancestry's stock price, and I'm not sure the LDS would buy into the whole thing. Ah, well, sometimes the most creative ideas don't stand the light of day. I guess you and I will just have to stumble on, at least until they come up with a better class of...ah, GeneaZombies!

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