Friday, May 31, 2013

272. Indiana Military Training Sites, WW2

Continuing with our series of unusual World War Two resources, here is another book from the history research collection on the 6th floor of the Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library. This should help some researchers figure out where their relatives were stationed or where they may have worked during the war.
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Thursday, May 30, 2013

271. Migration Research at FGS Conference

I presented an Indiana migration program recently, and, as support material, pointed out that a good number of the FGS Conference sessions will deal with that research area. My handout on that is shown below. Hope to see you in Fort Wayne in August!

Migration Resources At FGS Conference

Immigrant Cluster Communities: Past, Present and Future by Lisa A. Alzo MFA

Whiskey, Brandy and Family Migration by J. Mark Lowe CG, FUGA

Settling the Midwest: Migration to the Great Lakes Region by Kris W. Rzepczynski MLS, MA

Finding Ethnic Origins and Naturalizations in the Midwest by Loretto (Lou) Dennis Szucs

Records of Forts and Posts by Craig Roberts Scott MA, CG

The Homestead Act and Land Entry Files by Billie Stone Fogarty M.Ed

Federal Records Relating to Rivers and Canals by Pamela Boyer Sayre CG, GL

Mapping the Past: Navigating Your Family History with Maps by Daniel Hubbard

Overlooked and Undervalued: Local Government Records in New York State
by Karen Mauer Green CG, FGBS

Low Bridge, Ev'rybody Down: Navigating the Erie Canal Records
by Karen Mauer Green CG, FGBS

Railroad Trilogy: The Tracks, the Train, the People by Pamela J. Cooper

Focusing on Pathways 'cross the Ohio River by J. Mark Lowe CG, FUGA

Did Your Ancestor Follow the River? The Inland Rivers Library

Monday, May 27, 2013

270. Jerry Pierce, Co-Founder of GSMC

   Gerald J. Pierce, age 87, died on May 22, 2013. A native of New York and an adopted Hoosier, Jerry was one of the co-founders of the Genealogical Society of Marion County in 1995.
   Jerry and I were both regular attendees of the North Indianapolis Genealogy Group at that time, and we started wondering why a large metropolitan area such as Marion County did not have a genealogy society. Finding no good reason, we decided to start one.
   We posted notices around town and reserved meeting space at the Central Library. We were surprised at the great response, as probably 50 genealogists attended that organizational meeting.
    GSMC is still going strong, and will move into impressive new digs at Memorial Park Cemetery in the next couple of months. Jerry's strong support in the early years got the Society off to a good beginning. Marion County genealogists owe Jerry a huge debt of gratitude. He will be missed.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

269. WW2 Hoosier Letters

     Another good Indiana book for World War Two research is in the Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library. Located in the Historical Reference section on the sixth floor, the book is titled, "Letters From Fighting Hoosiers." One of your relatives perhaps wrote a letter home and it is part of the collection. Once the Library reopens after this Memorial Day, maybe you should check and see.
Title Page

A sample excerpt

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

268. Blanchard Family Lines Reunited

OK, here goes a point of personal privilege. I just returned from a vacation in England, and had a great genealogy experience. I took a train to Leamington Spa, a town near Warwick in the Midlands.
There I met Ruth Pringle and her brother Andrew Britton. Both of them are descended from Eliza Oritta Blanchard of County Hampshire.
I am descended from William W. Blanchard, Eliza's brother. Eliza and William last saw each other in July of 1818, when William emigrated to the United States.
Ruth and I have been working as part of a Blanchard genealogy group, and we had a great time reconnecting our two family lines. If you ever get a chance to do that, I recommend it highly.

Sidebar: There is an Indianapolis connection here. William Blanchard, Jr., son of the immigrant and my g-g-g-grandfather, owned several city lots in Indy in the 1870-1880 period [documents in the State Archives]; his daughter Mary Elizabeth, my g-g-grandmother, inherited some of them [tax records in the Recorder's office]; and Mary's brother Frank A. Blanchard was the Deputy City Treasurer of Indianapolis in the 1880's and owned a funeral business here in the 1890's.

Ron on left; Ruth in middle; Andrew on right

267. Genealogy For Night Owls, June 5

The Indiana State Library continues with its popular Night Owls series next month. Go to the ISL website to register.